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News & Congratulations

Congratulations to our Writing Program instructors and students on their recent accomplishments! 

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Congratulations to Hilal Ergul and Shelby Miller of the Writing Program, and Sendy Monarrez of the Spanish Program, for their recently accepted proposals for this year's State TexTESOL Conference. Hilal will be presenting a poster entitled Mitigating Oral Corrective Feedback: Preliminary Results. Shelby and Sendy will co-present a session entitled: Individual Personality and Preferred Language Learning Strategies.









Congratulations and Welcome to our new Writing Program instructors, who have joined us from various institutions. 

John Gibbons, international TESOL instructor (China and Taiwan)

Marzieh Keshavarz, MA in English Literature, Arak University

Daniel Jones, Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Jennifer Goldston, Texas A&M University - Commerce

Brian McShane, Heritage University

Dylan Hevron, Texas A&M University - Commerce

Nabiha El Khatib, Lebanese University - Lebanon

Keri Rowback, Texas A&M University - Commerce

Ana Saenz, Texas A&M University - Commerce


Dr. Jessica Pauszek - Congratulations! Recently awarded a $10,000 Emergent Research award for a digital archival project: "Archiving Class Identities: Re-circulating Transnational Working-CLass Community Writing Through Augmented Reality".

Honorable mention for the CCCC James Berlin Memorial  Outstanding Dissertation Award

HESM Congratulations to Hilal Ergul and Shelby Miller, 1st and 2nd for College of Humanities, Social Sciences, & Art graduate students in TAMUC's Annual Research Symposium
TS Victoria Scholz - Just successfully defended her dissertation! The title of which is, "Trans-Fairy Tales: Transformation, Transgression, and Transhumanism in 21st Century Fairy Tales." Her dissertation core committee includes Dr. Susan Stewart, Dr. Karen Roggenkamp, and Dr. Dunbar-Odom, and Ms. Sarah Northam.
ars Masoumeh Razzaghi, Shelby Miller, Tawnya Smith, Miriam Akoto, Hilal Ergül, Sendy Monárrez, and Sarvenaz Balali - Presenting their work in Applied Linguistics at the A&M-Commerce 2018 Annual Research Symposium
TS Tawnya Smith - Recently presented at the Research Network Forum at the 2018 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Annual Convention. Her presentation was entitled, "Dominant and Vernacular Literacies: Code-meshing as a Rhetorical Strategy". She also was a facilitator for the All-Convention Session Literacy, Language, and Labor for Social Justice: Outward and Inward Reflection, and chaired the panel on Using Visual Rhetoric as Subversive. 
Opperman Megan Opperman - Congratulations on her forthcoming publication of "Intentionally Public, Intentionally Private: Gender Non-Binary Youth on Tumblr and the Queering of Community Literacy Research," in Community Literacy Journal this Spring 2018.
Rhodes,Cris Cris Rhodes - Just passed her doctoral comps! Cris is now working on her dissertation proposal, the title of which is, "Embodying La Resistencia: Activist Praxis in Latinx Children's and Young Adult Literature." Her dissertation core committee includes Dr. Susan Stewart, Dr. Karen Roggenkamp, and Dr. Shannon Carter. 
Hilal Hilal Ergül - Recently presented at A&M - Commerce's 8th Annual Humor Conference. Her presentation was entitled, "Humor as a Mitigating Strategy in Error Treatment Sequences in EFL Classrooms".