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Health and Human Performance

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Health & Human Performance achieves excellence in 
implementing challenging academic curricula that prepare leaders in the
fields of health, kinesiology, and sport to excel in a dynamic and digital
society. The department empowers and engages students and faculty
through applied knowledge and real-world experiences in diverse community and global settings. Faculty and students produce and disseminate quality research that is current and relevant to communities of learners in our academic, professional, and global environments.

Public Health

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) program at Texas A&M University – Commerce provide students with a solid foundation in the public health core disciplines (i.e. health behavior, epidemiology, policy and management, environmental health, and biostatistics), and the internship experience will allow students to integrate and demonstrate their knowledge and analytical skills in research and practice settings. Graduates of the BSPH can pursue entry-level positions in a variety of settings including state and local public health departments, hospitals, academic research centers, corporate disease management and wellness programs, non-profit agencies, and healthcare businesses and industries.

  • Students completing the BSPH program will meet the requirements needed to sit for the nationally recognized Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam. For more information about CHES certification, visit

  • Please refer our catalog page for more information about this program and for more details on the degree plan please refer to the below given link:

Kinesiology and Sports Studies B.S

The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Sports Studies has two concentrations. 

Concentration 1: Physical Education Teacher Education - all-level certification is designed to prepare teachers for early childhood through grade twelve in physical education.

Concentration 2: Human Performance  is designed to prepare individuals for graduate school (e.g. kinesiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy). A graduate should possess the following competencies:

  1. knowledge basic and relative to human body function and movement;
  2. knowledge in program planning, essential knowledge and skills, teaching methods, and evaluation;
  3. knowledge of concepts of fitness;
  4. skill in a variety of physical activities; and
  5. an acceptable level of physical fitness.
  • Please refer our catalog page for more information about this program

Sport and Recreation Management

Both public and private sport and recreation are big business in America. A degree in sport and recreation management develops the skills you need for the management of facilities, marketing, management and finance in the sport and recreation industry. From the administration of local parks and recreation departments, to the management of major professional sports teams, career opportunities continue to grow in this exciting field.

  • Please refer our catalog page for more information about this program and for more details on the degree plan please refer to the below given link:


The department offers minors in health, human performance, and coaching athletics. Of particular interest is the coaching athletics minor which enhances the credentials of a student that may wish to coach athletics in a school setting or recreational organization. It is particularly relevant to students seeking certification in teaching areas outside of physical education and health, but will wish to include coaching in their career.

More information at the Health and Human Performance Course Catalog page