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Records And Crime Statistics

The University Police Department publishes a press log each day. This log is available to members of the press and public. This log identifies the type, location and time of each criminal incident reported. Any information deemed newsworthy is published by The East Texan and/or the Commerce newspapers. If a series of incidents occur that may be considered a threat to other members of the university community, timely reports will be made by notices on bulletin boards, memos, fax, newspaper articles, radio news or other appropriate means.

The department also monitors local law enforcement agencies for reports of criminal acts committed on property owned or controlled by student organizations recognized by the university. The criminal violations must be of a U.C.R. Part 1 Offense, and include dean referral or arrest information for alcohol, drugs and weapons violations. (This information may be sporadic at times, since no statute requires these agencies to report).

The department submits a monthly Uniform Crime Report (UCR) to the Texas Department of Public Safety. This report is also submitted to the US Department of Justice (FBI) for publication in Crime in the United States, available in all public libraries. The annual crime statistics of the university are available at the University Police Department Office.

The University Police Department is a strong supporter of the Campus Security Act. Each semester, the UPD publishes a Crime Awareness brochure, containing 3 prior years of crime statistics. The UPD also publishes a Weekly Activity Log, this log is updated daily, excluding the weekends. Any questions on this should be directed to Lieutenant Jason Bone.  If you wish to report a crime anonymously please fill out the Crime Statistics Reporting Form.


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