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Definition of a Sponsored Program

A&M-Commerce must maintain a centralized coordinated process to review, approve, submit, and manage all sponsored program activity. To this end, all extramural funding requests for sponsored programs must follow the internal routing process.

Sponsored programs are funded in whole or in part by sources external to A&M-Commerce for which there is an expectation (implied or specifically stated) on the part of the sponsor for performance, deliverables, or outcomes.  Sponsored programs include, but are not limited to, research, training/instruction, community and/or public service, student support, and academic support. Funding is awarded through various means: grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and/or other legally binding means of transfer.

Activities pertaining to Sponsored Programs are defined by the following descriptors.  One or more descriptors qualify as a sponsored program.

  • An investigator-initiated project that specifies proposals for research, training, or public service activities to an outside entity
  • Inclusion or allowance of Indirect Costs (Facilities and Administrative)
  • Percentage of faculty time on project (may or may not be compensated by the sponsor)
  • Expectation (implied or specifically stated) of performance, deliverable or outcome by the sponsor
  • Defined period for the work to be conducted
  • Progress, technical, final reports, or other deliverables are required
  • The project involves the disposition of property, whether tangible or intangible, that may result from the project (e.g., equipment, records, inventions, copyrights, or rights in data)
  • The proposed project binds the University to a specific description of the activity/work to be conducted
  • A line item budget
  • A financial report is required, invoices are required for cost reimbursement, and the budget/performance is subject to audit
  • All government funds, exclusive of financial aid
  • All corporate research contracts, subcontracts or agreements
  • Definition of how the funds may be spent and what conditions may apply to residual funds

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