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Information Security Standards



The information resources network infrastructure is provided by Texas A&M University-Commerce for all University departments. It is important that the infrastructure, which includes media, active electronic equipment (i.e., routers, switches, etc.) and supporting software, be able to meet current performance requirements, while retaining the flexibility to allow emerging developments in networking technology and enhancing user services.


This procedure applies to all university network information resources. The purpose of this procedure is to provide a set of measures that will mitigate information security risks associated with network access. The intended audience for this procedure includes, but is not limited to, all information resources data/owners, management personnel, and system administrators.


1. Network management/control devices shall not be connected to network infrastructure without prior consultation with Information Technology.

Network management/control devices include, but are not limited to:

a. Network Routers

b. Broadband gateways

c. Wireless Access

d. Devices or software advertising or serving network services (including BOOTP, DHCP, DNS, IPv6 router, VPN, SMTP, ICS, OSPF or other routing protocols)

e. Devices or software transmitting multicast or broadcast traffic at high rates

f. Devices or software designed or intended to conduct network reconnaissance, vulnerability probing, exploits or denial of service

2. network addresses and name space are managed by Information Technology. Users are permitted to use only those network addresses issued to them by Network Services.

3. End users are not to connect to or install any equipment, including computers, printers, and network management/control devices to the network infrastructure without prior approval from Information Technology.

4. Additionally, end users shall not alter or disable University network infrastructure devices or equipment.


University Information Security Standard Administrative Procedure, Wireless Access


Last Updated March 31, 2014

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