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Computational Science

Degree : MS in Computational Science
Program start date : Spring, 2013 at A&M-Commerce campus
Administrative unit : Computer Science Department
Collaborating Dept. : Biology, Mathematics, and Physics departments
Concentration tracks : (3 tracks)
  1. Information Visualization and Data Analytics (IVDA) Track
  2. Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) Track
  3. Computational Security (CMS) Track

New Degree Plan, effective Fall 2019 (view PDF)
Degree Plan, Fall 2016-18 (view PDF)
Old Degree Plan (view PDF)
CSCI 507 CPSI Internship Request Form (updated 08/2014) (view PDF)

Program Requirement:

  • Non-thesis option: Total 36 credit hours: 6 hours are Internship, 12 hours of core requirement, and 9 hours of track requirements must be met. Additionally, 9 hours of support/elective courses must be met.
  • Thesis option: Total 30 credit hours: 6 hours are Thesis, 12 hours of core requirement, and 9 hours of track requirements must be met. Additionally, 3 hours of support/elective courses must be met.

Program Description:
Computational Science is a new exciting field that is interdisciplinary in approach with applications in the science and engineering fields as well as other disciplines where sophisticated computation is necessary.

The master’s degree program in computational science is an interdisciplinary program involving various subject areas including computer science, biology, mathematics, and physics. This program deals with complex real-world problems whose solution cannot be found through single discipline approach, but only through a multidisciplinary approach to be tackled.

A unique aspect of this program compared to the conventional degree in computer science is that extensive internship training is required as a part of the degree requirement. The computer science department is the hosting department for this program and will collaborate with several supporting departments to offer various required and elective courses in the related disciplines.

This new degree program opens up a whole new approach for the expansion of interdisciplinary research for students and faculty as well as a whole new set of career options for our program graduates. The program includes a blended combination of coursework and practical highly scientific real-world problem-solving applications through a thesis laboratory research experience or an internship practicum.

This scientific focus identifies and solves complex problems through computer applications of mathematical modeling and quantitative analyses, unlike the field of computer science per se which concentrates on a study of computers, computation and data processing.

This degree program will produce highly qualified professionals with increased marketability and competitiveness in current and future information-based job markets. This new program will better serve our students and better serve an important need for our region, state, and nation.

Admission Requirement:
Domestic Students
$50 Application Fee
Official Bachelor’s transcript from a regionally accredited university
Official GRE scores

International Students
$75 Application Fee
Office Bachelor’s transcript (with a copy of the provisional certificate or diploma)
Official GRE scores
Official TOEFL (IBT at least 79, or CBT at least 213, or PBT at least 550) or IELTS (at least 6.50 band) must be less than 2 years old
Official Sponsor Statement
Sponsor’s Bank Statement
3 letters of recommendation

Potential Employers:
Microsoft, Verizon, PeopleSoft, L3, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, SAP, CISCO, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Nortel, and Alcatel.

Potential job categories:
Pharmaceuticals, defense, aerospace, government, natural resources, banking, financing, communications, bio-chemicals, insurance, investment, and system programming.

The average starting salary for graduates:
For MS in CPS it is $65K-$75K and for BS in CS/CIS, it is $55K-$65K. 

How to apply:
Graduate school link to apply.

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