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Moving Guidelines

  • Email all requests for moving services to Mark Glover ( at least seven days in advance of the date requested.  Be sure to provide the phone number where you can be reached when submitting the work order.  Mark Glover can be reached at extension 3244

    Moves will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Property Transfers will be scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday.

      Note: Property transfers must be sent through Sharon Smith in Financial Services

FYI- Before you begin:

1. All furniture and/or transferred property must be completely empty before any move can take place.  

2.  Movers are not allowed to unhook computers, phones, fax machines etc. This must be done by the requesting department or Information Technology (IT) in advance of the move.

3  If movers arrive at a location at the scheduled time and no one is there to give them access to the items needing moved they will wait 5-10 minutes before leaving and the process will start over when a new work order is issued.

4. Movers do not move extremely heavy or delicate items (e.g. pianos, copy machines etc.) or supply boxes/ other moving supplies.

5.  Contact Moving Crew Supervisor Gary Coe (5074) if you have any questions.

6.  A completed and signed Relocation Request Form must accompany any work order to move an office.