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Master's/Specialist Graduation Checklist

As a graduate student at A&M-Commerce we want to ensure that you are on track to receive your degree.  Whether you are just beginning your degree or planning to file for graduation, please make note of the following requirements.  These are only general requirements; your major department may have additional requirements that you must satisfy in order to receive your degree.

You can view your online Degree Audit through DegreeWorks in myLeo to verify that your program/concentration is correct and that you are completing the required coursework for your degree.  Information on how to access DegreeWorks can be found online at DegreeWorks (Degree Evaluation) Frequently Asked Questions.

The Graduate Catalog can be viewed online.  The Graduate Catalog provides information on degree programs, courses and university policies and procedures.

General Degree Requirements

  • Be in academic good standing and maintain a graduate GPA of 3.0 on all courses completed at A&M-Commerce and for all courses used toward your degree program.
  • No more than 3 grades of 'C' can be used toward a master's/specialist degree.
  • Successfully complete the comprehensive exam.
  • Successfully complete candidacy requirements (if required by your department).
  • Successfully complete 3 hours of 595 Research or 6 hours of 518 Thesis.  For students completing a thesis, visit the Thesis & Dissertation Services (TDS) website for information and deadlines.
  • Complete all courses with grades of 'I', 'IP' or 'X'.
  • Request and submit required forms for any course substitutions or transfer work.
  • Courses over 6 years old at the time your degree is conferred require approval from your academic advisor and Graduate Dean in order to be applied toward your degree.  Under no circumstances will courses over 10 years old at the time your degree is conferred be used toward your degree.
  • Verify with your academic department that you have met all departmental requirements.

The Graduation Application will be available online through your myLeo the first two weeks of the semester you plan to graduate.  Completing this application notifies the Graduate School and the Registrar's Office of your intent to graduate and starts the graduation clearance process.  You will begin to receive correspondence from the Graduate School via your myLeo regarding your status after you submit your graduation application. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate School at or your departmental advisor if you have any questions.

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