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Panopto is a video hosting platform that allows faculty and students to create and upload media captures and share them securely.  It has an online editor, a robust Audio Speech to Text generator, built-in captioning editor, and many more features.

Ways to Access

There are two main ways to access Panopto:

1. Faculty can activate/access Panopto from within their D2L course by using the "Existing Activities" tool and then inserting the "Panopto Video" LTI Link.  Instructions are available on this process.

2. Or you can directly access our institutional instance here:

For questions or training, please e-mail us at

Help Resources

Panopto Getting Started (PDF)

Record A Video

How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture

How to Add Panopto to your Brightspace Course

How to Embed Videos into a D2L Brightspace Course Using the Insert Stuff Tool

How to Add ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions into a Video

How to Download Captions

Transfer Recording from Zoom to Panopto

Converting YouSeeU Videos using Panopto

As YouSeeU/Bongo content will no longer be available after May 2022, we encourage faculty to review and back up any recordings.  One way to do this is to recapture the recording using Panopto.

Recording YouSeeU Videos Into Panopto (PDF)

Recording YouSeeU Videos Into Panopto (video, requires login)

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