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The Office of Training and Development oversees mandated university and systems training for all faculty and staff members. We offer other training opportunities to meet departmental requirements, and customer service and team building sessions to enhance working relationships and help improve the abilities and skills of employees. We are in place and here for the faculty and staff of the university to help them plan and implement their own training events. Our own faculty and staff members facilitate our courses, whether it be a required training with a subject matter expert or training for personal and professional enrichment.

Our goal is to maintain a 100% university wide compliance rating within our university system. We appreciate the continuing support of managers, supervisors, department heads, and administrative personnel to achieve this goal. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Training & Development Office is to foster the skills, competencies and talent of the Texas A&M University-Commerce workforce through offering innovative programs, workshops, and tools.  We seek to promote employee development and organizational effectiveness through relevant training programs.  Our staff is committed to supporting organizational development through the continued growth of our University’s most valuable resource, its people.

Vision Statement

To be the premier provider of relevant and high quality educational and developmental opportunities for Texas A&M-Commerce employees and the communities of Northeast Texas.

Volunteers & Unpaid Interns: 

Access to the external gateway will be granted after a background check has been completed. An HR Associate will supply the login information after completion of the background check. Please visit this link for more information.