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Lion Educator Dissemination

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Working on research/scholarship?

Planning to share your scholarly work?

Faculty are welcomed to present academic topics targeted to general or specific faculty/departments. Faculty are also welcomed to create resources for the academy. Interested faculty should fill out the Faculty LED Participation Form (doc), (pdf). The CFEI will assist with logistics by hosting, securing resources, announcing, registering, and facilitating the dissemination.

Coffee Talk

Faculty Coffee Talks will highlight topics for investigation and sharing experiences. Faculty are encouraged to lead these talks on specific teaching strategies and educational technology of their interest. To lead a Coffee Talk hosted by the CFEI, fill out the Faculty LED Participation Form (doc), (pdf).

Lunch & Learn

Faculty Lunch & Learn sessions will be offered to interested faculty to share experiences and insights with recent instructional, research, scholarly, and service projects. Faculty who wish to lead a Lunch & Learn discussion hosted by the CFEI should fill out the Faculty LED Participation Form (doc), (pdf).

History of Faculty LED

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Note: Email if you would like to present your work to our University community.