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Series Titles

Sam Rayburn Series on Rural Life

David Pickering and Judy Falls, Brush Men and Vigilantes: Civil War Dissent in Texas. Winner of the 2001 Kate Brooks Bates Award. Brush Men and Vigilantes
Richard Schroeder, Lone Star Picture Shows. Lone Star Picture Shows
Angela Boswell, Her Act and Deed: Women's Lives in a Rural Southern County, 1837-1873. Winner of the 2002 Liz Carpenter Award for Research in the History of Women. Women's Lives in a Rural Southern County
Mary Cimarolli, The Bootlegger's Other Daughter. Finalist for the 2004 PEN/Martha Albrand Award for the Art of the Memoir. The Bootlegger's Other Daughter
Lois E. Myers, Rebecca Sharpless, and Clark G. Baker, Rock Beneath the Sand: Country Churches in Texas. Beneath the Sand: Country Churches in Texas
James M. Smallwood, Barry A. Crouch, and Larry Peacock, Murder and Mayhem: The War of Reconstruction in Texas. Murder and Mayhem: The War of Reconstruction in Texas
Keith J. Volanto, Texas, Cotton, and the New Deal. Texas, Cotton, and the New Deal
Sarah Ragland Jackson, Texas Woman of Letters, Karle Wikson Baker. Texas Woman of Letters
Wilma R. Taylor and Norma T. Taylor, Texas, Gospel Tracks Through Texas: The Mission of Chapel Car Good Will. Gospel Tracks Through Texas
Matt White, Prairie Time. Prairie Time
Karle Wilson Bake, The Birds of Tanglewood. The Birds of Tanglewood
Laura L. Camden and Susan Gaetz Duarte, Mennonites in Texas. Mennonites in Texas
Sara R. Massey, Texas Women on the Cattle Trails. Women on the Cattle Trails
Debra A. Reid, Reaping a Greater Harvest. Reaping a Greater Harvest
James M. Smallwood, The Feud that Wasn't. The Feud that Wasn't
Rocky R. Miracle, Mrs. Cordie's Soldier Son. Mrs. Cordie's Soldier Son
Kenneth W. Howell, Texas Confederate, Reconstruction Governor. Confederate, Reconstruction Governor

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