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Superintendent Certification

The process for admission to the superintendent certification program at Texas A&M University-Commerce must occur no later than July 1stfor the cohort beginning in August of that year. The program begins in August with the first seminar for the block of superintendent adaptive core courses (EDAD 628, EDAD 611, and EDAD 618). Three technical core courses (EDAD 620, EDAD 627, and EDAD 651) must be taken prior to EDAD 628, EDAD 611, and EDAD 618. Students must be admitted into the certification program before taking the superintendent adaptive core block courses (EDAD 628, EDAD 611, and EDAD 618).

Students with mid-management/standard principal certification admitted into the doctoral program may take the three technical core certification program courses without admission into the superintendent’s program.  Also, students may take EDAD 620, EDAD 627,  and EDAD 651 as electives in the doctoral program without approval.   See the graduate catalogue for further information.


 Program requirements

The superintendent certification program consists of 18 semester hours of credit including the superintendent block. The superintendent block is a four semester experience including the practicum.  Practicum field visits are conducted according to the Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part 7, Chapter 228, §Rule 228.35.

 The entire program includes:

EDAD 628 School District CEO Leadership: The Superintendent, and

EDAD 611 School District CEO Leadership: The Practicum

EDAD 618 Exp. Educational Issues Colloquium 

EDAD 620 School District Instructional Leadership: Human Resources

EDAD 627 School District Organizational Leadership: Finance

EDAD 651 School District Organizational Leadership: Facilities

Handbook: Superintendent Certification Handbook

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