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Submit a Collaborative Application/Subaward

If you intend to collaborate with personnel from another institution and request any amount of funds from the application’s budget to cover the work performed at the external institution, the sponsor considers this a request to issue a “subaward” to the collaborative institution. A subaward is an acceptable request for most sponsors and is included in the budget under its own category (“Subawards”).

When a proposal budget includes funds for subawards, a number of documents must be obtained from the proposed subrecipient and be routed with the proposal for internal approvals before the proposal is submitted to the sponsor. The following documents are required when including subawards in a proposal budget:

  • Statement/Scope of Work (should describe the specific activities that will be performed by the collaborative party)
  • Budget (should identify the specific items that the funds will cover)
  • Budget Justification (should explain why each budget item is needed)
  • Biographical sketch
  • Current/Pending Awards (required for most federal programs)
  • Signed Subrecipient Commitment Form – (an internal form that must be signed by the proposed subrecipient’s authorized organizational representative)

It is best to request these documents from your collaborator as soon as possible to allow them time to work with the research administrative office at their institution to get the documents routed for internal approvals.  

The final/approved documents will need to be sent from the collaborator’s research administrative office to the OSP of A&M-Commerce.  So please notify the OSP as soon as possible so that communication between both offices can be initiated.