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Pivot - funding opportunity search to find grant moneyWhat is Pivot?

Pivot is a comprehensive global database of sponsored funding announcements and scholar profiles. Pivot uses a powerful search engine to find funding opportunities and collaborators that match your profile and search queries.

What can Pivot do?

  • Access the most comprehensive global database to search for funding opportunities from private, state, and federal sponsors.
  • Find other researchers both within and outside of A&M-Commerce with similar expertise and interests for collaboration.
  • Set up automatic searches and email notifications of funding opportunities specific to your search terms.
  • Track and share funding opportunities.

How do I access and use Pivot?

Pivot can be accessed from on-campus by going directly to, or from off-campus by logging into Pivot at with your username and password.

Step-by-Step Instructions on using Pivot (pdf)

How do I start Using Pivot?

You will need to access the Pivot website and sign up for an account (The Sign Up button is in the top right corner of main page). If you are a faculty member, you may already have a profile in Pivot that you can claim once you have signed up (see steps below for using Pivot).  You should use your TAMUC email address and password to log into Pivot.

Please see the steps below for using Pivot.  Each includes a short online video tutorials on YouTube for using Pivot:

Step 1: Sign in/up for a Pivot profile/account

Step 2: Claim your profile

Step 3: Understand your profile

Step 4: Use the Advisor Tab

             How to update your profile

Step 5: Find and track funding opportunities

           Quick search

           Advanced search (recommended)

           Set up Funding Alerts

           Set up Deadline reminders

           Save or Track Funding Opportunities

           Managing your saved funding opportunities

Quick Start Guide

 All Pivot Instructional Videos