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OSP Grant Process

Any promise or use of Texas A&M University-Commerce resources, faculty time, equipment, or facilities with regard to a grant must be submitted and controlled by The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

OSP reviews the application and its attachments, routes the proposal internally for approval to the required signers, and submits the proposal to the appropriative sponsor for external funding.  OSP ensures that all externally funded projects which are conducted by TAMUC employees will comply with all Texas A&M University System, state, federal and sponsor policies.

Allow ample time to complete the entire process.  It is hard to submit a proposal in a week even for experienced Principal Investigators.

Responsibilities of Personnel 

1.  Make a Preliminary Budget

You will need to know approximately how much money you will need for your project.  Come up with what items you believe will be needed for your project.  Once you find a likely opportunity, send the budget information to your OSP Proposal Administrator.  Your PA will ensure that all calculations are correct and that fringe benefits and other items are included that are required.

2.  Make an Outline or Summary of Your Idea

You should have a clear idea of what you would like to accomplish with your project.

3.  Find Funding Opportunities:

Use Pivot to find sponsors with funding that matches the criteria that you provide.  You may contact if you have trouble with this process.

4.  Write a Proposal

Carefully read the sponsor's guidelines.  These are usually found in the "Request for Proposal (RFP)" or the "Program / Funding Announcement."  These guidelines should give you specific information regarding the format, length, margins and font requirements.

5.  Complete the Sponsor's Application Forms

There may be several forms that are required to be completed as part of the proposal package.  Review them carefully and do not leave any boxes blank.  Type "N/A" if the box does not pertain to your research.  Our University Info page has much of the information needed to complete any application.  Contact if you need assistance in completing the forms.

6.  Cost Share

The Principal Investigator (PI) must include any required cost share information in the proposal.  This is required if TAMUC has committed a cost share for the proposal.  The PI must explain the form the cost share will take, i.e. faculty time, supplies, etc.  A Conflict of Interest form may be required for submission. It is TAMUC's policy to NOT include Cost Share unless it is required (in writing) by the sponsor.

7.  Protocols

If required, you must submit an application for a research protocol to the correct committee.  Be sure to check your sponsor's guidelines to see if this can be done after you submit, or if it must be complete before you submit your proposal to the sponsor.  Each committee (IACUC, IBC, and IRB) has set dates for submitting and reviewing the protocols that have been received.

Contact Research Compliance with any questions.

8.  Submit the Proposal to the OSP

Email all electronic documents to the OSP a minimum of 3 days prior to the proposal deadline.  The earlier the better.  OSP needs to review all documents for content and sponsor requirements.

If your sponsor requires a hard-copy submission, make the required number of copies based on the sponsor's guidelines (do not staple them together), provide a copy of the agency guidelines and the link to the grant's information page and hand deliver to the OSP a minimum of 7 days prior to the proposal deadline.

9.  The OSP Processes the Submission

The OSP will review the budget, formatting, certifications, protocols, and cost share information.

If errors are found, the OSP will contact the PI and ask for corrections to be made and resubmitted to OSP.  This will continue until the OSP feels all criteria have been met.

The OSP will create the routing for the proposal in Maestro.  It must route through the PI who will review it and make sure everything is correctly input in Maestro.  Then it moves on to the PI's department head and college dean.  If there are collaborator(s), it must also route through their department head(s) and college dean(s).  Once it has finished that process, it will move on to the Vice President for Research (VPR) for the final signature.  

This process can take some time.  That is why the OSP would like the proposal submitted as soon as you can in order for all of the steps to be complete before the deadline.

Once the VPR has approved the proposal, The OSP will submit the proposal to the funding agency in the required format.  If a hard-copy is required, the original and the copies will be sent in order to meet the deadline.

The PI will receive a confirmation from the OSP confirming that the proposal has been submitted.

10.  Status Alerts

The OSP will notify the PI of any questions from the sponsor.  The PI must notify The OSP if they directly receive any administrative or budget questions from the sponsor.

11.  Award Announcement

The sponsor will either contact the PI directly or sent the award documentation to OSP.  If the award document is sent to the PI, the PI should immediately forward it to OSP, so it can be executed and the accounts created for the funding.

By this time, the PI should have submitted any required protocol applications to Research Compliance and have completed all required trainings (both PI and all people listed on the protocol). 

No research can begin and no funds will be allowed to be spent until all required trainings and protocols are complete.  This includes faculty and students working on the research.

Upon completion, Financial Services will contact the PI and an account number will be emailed to the PI for use by the department(s).