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Internal applicants MUST apply through the internal career site, no exceptions.  Once submitted, an applicant cannot change any information – it must be completed by the Recruiting Partner.

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DENY at any point in the BP means the business process must begin again.  Unless you truly mean to deny the process, use Send Back or Cancel.

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Say Hello to Workday: Employees YouTube Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Workday?

What is Workday YouTube Video

The Texas A&M University System has chosen Workday as the new online human resources and payroll system for human capital management, payroll, talent and performance management, time reporting, and benefits.  The go-live date is December 17, 2017.

Workday is a new generation of cloud-based applications.  Texas A&M University System is replacing its legacy mainframe payroll and human resource systems with Workday.

What systems will Workday replace?

  • BPP
  • EPAs
  • Guardian Electronic I-9
  • HRConnect
  • iBenefits
  • LeaveTraq
  • PeopleAdmin (PATH)
  • TimeTraq

Who will use Workday?

University employees including faculty, staff, and student employees with a valid SSO logon will have access to Workday.

Will there be training for Workday?

We will post training guides and all available materials in TrainTraq or at this website for quick reference.  Training and educational opportunities will be available in fall 2017 and will be communicated through listserve, email, and this web page.

Is my information secure on Workday?

Yes.  Your information is safe whether accessed through the university’s server or another web connection. 

When I do a search, I do not get the same results as others.

What you have access to in Workday depends on your security role.  However, in order to improve your searches and to search all of Workday at one time, please see job aid Improved Searches in Workday to change settings. 

How do I enter birthday leave in Workday?

Please see job aid Birthday Time Off.

How do I setup Two-Factor Authentication in SSO?

Here is a step-by-step guide.

Learn more about Workday in Higher Education HERE!