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Dispute Resolution

When an employee files a formal complaint, they often do not realize that they have abandoned all outcome control: a third-party administrator eventually decides the dispute’s outcome after an exhaustive investigation triggered by the formal complaint. Furthermore, the entire process is documented in the employees’ files.

In order to prevent triggering this process, employees are encouraged to contact the Dispute Resolution Office (DRO), housed within Human Resources, to determine alternatives to filing a formal complaint. The DRO’s problem-solving processes vary depending on the type of dispute or conflict.  Our services, from coaching and negotiation to facilitation and mediation, give participants ultimate control over resolution outcome.

Understandably, some of the DRO’s methods may not the answer to all workplace disputes.  Claims of illegal discrimination against a protected class and claims of sexual harassment will require the Compliance Office.

A few examples of how the DRO can help you include:

  • Interpretation and/or application of workplace policies
  • Disagreements about performance appraisals, discipline, wages, and/or hours of work
  • Other employer-employee disagreements
  • Disagreements arising from working relationships

We can also assist managers and supervisors design Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) and form collaborative intervention plans prior to discipline.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about your options for dispute resolution.