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Mission Statement, Values, and Commitments


Be Part of the Change

Mission Statement:

Through strategic partnerships, teamwork, and collaboration, Human Resources supports the mission of the University by recruiting, developing, and retaining a high-performing and diverse workforce.  We are dedicated to encouraging a healthy, safe, and inclusive environment that elevates the entire HR experience for A&M-Commerce’s applicants, employees, retirees, and dependents by focusing on quality service and consultation.

Our Values

We value the respect we hold for each other and for those we serve.  The following identified values guide our interactions:

  • Accountability - We hold ourselves and each other responsible to a high standard in our actions.
  • Balance - We foster an environment that promotes wellness as an integral part of our work culture.
  • Fairness - We make equitable and ethical decisions, without influence of bias or prejudice, even when those decisions are not popular. 
  • Integrity- We value honesty and respect and foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidentiality.
  • Leadership - We lead by example to positively inspire and influence.

Our Commitments

Being proactive:
Create a climate where employees can resolve issues before they become problems.

Being responsive:
Listen and respond courteously by providing accurate, consistent, and timely knowledge and expertise.

Maintain open and transparent communication regarding Human Resources policies, rules, and initiatives.

Embracing change and innovation:
Be open to possibility, foster creativity, and support innovation while exploring continuous improvement.

Championing employee development:
Maximize the strengths and potential of every individual to support and promote skills and knowledge through continuous learning opportunities.

Making value-driven, data-informed decisions:
Use HR analytics to help managers and supervisors make smarter, and more strategic decisions relevant to their employees and workforce.

Building a better Texas A&M University-Commerce:
Promote the well-being of our diverse community* by encouraging a welcoming and inclusive campus.

*University campus and surrounding areas, retirees, alumni, faculty, staff and students.