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myLEO Mobile App for Students

Here is the QR code for the myLEO Mobile app. Many phones will automatically read the code, but some (iPhones, etc) will need an app to read the QR code. For those, search for and install a "QR Reader" app. The login to the myLEO Mobile app is the same username and password you currently use for MyLeo.
To view the myLEO Mobile App on your phone, you can also go to your phones' web browser and enter
Where can I find the myLEO Mobile App?

The myLEO Mobile App is available for download from Google Play (Android Phones), the Apple App/ITunes Store (iPhones), and the Windows Store (Microsoft Phones).

What is the myLEO Mobile App?

The Texas A&M Commerce Mobile App will provide students with mobile access to grades, their class schedule, their balance, advisor information, cafeteria menu, financial aid status, TAMUC News Feed, and TAMUC Events.

How do I log in to the myLEO Mobile App?

To sign in to the mobile app, you just use the same credentials as you would as if you were signing in to your myLEO account.
For example: Username = CWID, Password = myLeo password