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PawPrint Programs and Experiences

The programs and experiences listed below are not an exhaustive list of opportunities to receive points for your PawPrint. If you have a question about receiving points for an experience please contact

Please make sure to report these experiences and attendances on ManeSync!

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  1. Attend Student Organization Risk Management Training
  2. Serve on a University committee as a student representative as appointed by SGA
  3. Share a university concern or issue at a SGA meeting
  4. Attend the It's On Us "Take the Pledge" event
  5. Become a new international student mentor
  6. Serve as a Resident Assistant
  7. Attend Keep Your Calm Kickin'
  8. Internship with Athletic Department

Information Technology Application

  1. Use Mango language software to learn a new language
  2. Attend a PawPrint Lab
  3. Attend an online Linkedin consultation with Career Development
  4. Complete an online mock interview through Career Development
  5. Create and maintain an ePortfolio on ManeSync
  6. Learn from a research librarian how to navigate online databases for a research paper

Career Management

  1. Attend Career Clinic
  2. Attend an Employer Panel
  3. Participate in Lion Job Shadow Day
  4. Attend a Career & Internship Fair
  5. Get resume critiqued by Career Development
  6. Complete an in-person mock interview with Career Development

Professionalism/Work Ethic

  1. Attend the Global Business Etiquette Dinner
  2. Attend Make Your Connection
  3. Attend a conference with your student organization
  4. Present at a conference affiliated with your student organization
  5. Join and Participate in a professional association affiliated with your major
  6. Serve as an Orientation Leader
  7. Attend Teacher Career Fair and interact with employers
  8. Internship with Athletic Department


  1. Attend an event planning workshop
  2. Play on a NCAA team
  3. Play on a Club Sport team
  4. Play on an intramural team
  5. Serve on a CAB programming committee
  6. Serve on a special event committee (Homecoming, Lion's Roar, Lion's Leap, Prestigious Speaker Series)

Community/Civic Engagement

  1. Complete 50 hours of Community Service
  2. Complete 75 hours of Community Service
  3. Complete 100 hours of Community Service
  4. Complete 150 hours of Community Service
  5. Participate in Operation: Blue and Gold

Oral/Written Communication

  1. Attend Mane Street and learn about student organization
  2. Attend Humanities Networking Brunch
  3. Attend President's Networking Night
  4. Attend International Coffee Hours
  5. Attend Agriculture Networking Night
  6. Become a tutor
  7. Have a paper reviewed by the Writing Center
  8. Serve as a Lion Ambassador
  9. Attend a Courageous Conversation
  10. Attend Attitude of Gratitude


  1. Hold an executive officer position within a student organization
  2. Attend the Summer Leadership Summit
  3. Attend the I Experience
  4. Join a mentorship program
  5. Enroll in the First Year Leadership Class
  6. Attend the Extraordinary Leadership Series
  7. Complete a leadership certificate through the L.E.A.D. Office
  8. Win a campus leader student organization award
  9. Participate in the P.R.I.D.E. Peer Program
  10. Attend the Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference
  11. Attend the Southern Conference on Latinx Affairs
  12. Attend Camp PRIDE
  13. Internship with Athletic Department

Global Awareness

  1. Attend the Global Cultural Festival
  2. Go on a study abroad trip
  3. Go on a Leadership Without Limits trip
  4. Become a Lion Cousin Mentor
  5. Attend an International Education Week event
  6. Host a dinner in an American Home for an international student
  7. Attend a DFW Trip with ISSS
  8. Attend a Spring Break Trip with ISSS
  9. Learn a second language through Mango in the library
  10. Attend the Social Justice Diversity Institute
  11. Attend a Cultural Education Program