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Managing my PawPrint

All of your involvement items are listed in under the Activities and Organization Memberships tabs. Here you can view which items are confirmed and which are still pending. By clicking on the names you can view the information and if they are still pending, how to complete them.

If you want to edit an entry, you can hover over the Options button on the right and click Edit Entry.

entry example

Adding and Removing Items From Your PawPrint

To manage which entries you want included on the official copy of your PawPrint, you will need to add or remove them from your Record.

When looking at your Involvement Entries, the Report column tells you where your entry will be shown.

entry example 2

None = Entry will not show on any unofficial or official report.

Full History = Entry will only show in Full Involvement History, not PawPrint

Record = Entry will only show on PawPrint request

All = Entry will be shown on Full Involvement History and PawPrint request

For items that you want to include in your official PawPrint, be sure that All or Record show in the reports column for those items. For items that you do not want to include, it should say None or Full History.

To change the report type for an item, use the Options button on the right and select either Hide from Record or Add to Record as needed.

Viewing your PawPrint

To preview a copy of your PawPrint, Click the Reports tab on the left.

example report

This will take you to some options for viewing your PawPrint. To view a copy of your official PawPrint, select the Preview button in the Co-Curricular Record box.

example report 2

Please note that this preview will not contain the formatting and official wordmarks of an official transcript.

Requesting Your Official PawPrint

Once you've added or removed all the items you want to include on your official record, you may be ready to request the official transcript. Please note that the process of verifying your request will take between 7 and 14 business days.

We recommend that you only request your official PawPrint when you are nearing the end of your career at A&M-Commerce so that it can be most representative of what you've learned. However, you may request your transcript at any time.

To request the official copy of your PawPrint, please click the Request Official Transcript button in the Co-Curricular Record box. You will then be asked to enter some contact information for your request.

example report 3