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Starting your PawPrint

Your PawPrint is managed through our online student involvement software called ManeSync. You can access this from any internet connect device.

How to Access PawPrint

  1. Log onto MyLeo
  2. Click on ManeSync link on the top right
  3. On the top right corner, click your Name
  4. Click Involvement in the menu that pops out. This is where you will manage your PawPrint.

Adding Involvement Entries

To add an involvement entry, click on the green box. You will then be asked to categorized the entry into one of the following three categories:

  • Service Participation
  • Event Participation
  • Organization Membership

Use the matrix below to determine which you should select based on the type of involvement you would like to add.


Type of Involvement

Organization Membership
  • Student Organization membership
  • University  committees
  • Special event committees
  • Non-academic awards and honors
  • Professional and student organization conference attendance and presentations
  • Leadership roles in professional organizations
  • Athletic team membership (including intramural and club teams)
  • Internships
  • Mentorships

Event Participation

  • Special workshops and training
  • Campus Programs and Events

Service Participation

  • Service learning activities
  • Community service

Once you've selected the field you need, enter the relevant information for the experience into the form. See the tips below to help you along.

Tips for Adding Involvement

  • Event and Service Participation entries require a number of hours to be entered for the experience.
  • Organization Membership should be used for entries that are ongoing or long-term memberships and activities that don't necessarily have a specific number of hours achieved.
  • If the organization or activity you are in is not listed, scroll to the bottom and select Other. This will allow you to enter the name.
  • Always remember to enter the correct reference information. Without a reference verification, your entry may not be fully complete.