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Handguns on Campus


Rule 34.06.02.R1 Carrying Concealed Handguns on Campus

Exceptions to the Licensed Carry of Concealed Handguns at Texas A&M University-Commerce

After consulting with students, staff members, and faculty, the following exceptions were proposed that take into account specific safety considerations of the Texas A&M University-Commerce environment.


  • Nuclear Storage, Room 115, Keith D. McFarland Science Building (B34)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, Room 314, Keith D. McFarland Science Building (B34)


  • The Children’s Learning Center (B8)P


  • The Campus Counseling Center, Room 204, Halladay Student Services Building (B17)
  • Psychology & Community Counseling Clinic, Rooms 106-125 and 231-242, Binnion Hall (B5)
  • Student Health Services, Lobby and Connected Rooms , Henderson Hall (B19)

CampsCamps/ Programs

  • Buildings with events heavily attended by minors as deemed appropriate by the University

OfficesEmployee Offices

  • Texas A&M University-Commerce has adopted this standard

Assigned employee offices for which the employee has demonstrated that the carrying of a concealed handgun by a license holder in the office presents a significant risk of substantial harm due to a negligent discharge of the handgun, and the president/CEO has approved the employee’s request that the office be designated as an area where licensed concealed carry of a handgun is not permitted

Third3rd Party

  • Any campus premises leased by the university to a third party, if the third party determines to prohibit the concealed carry of handguns on the premises and provides effective notice pursuant to Sec 30.06, Penal Code
  • Student Assessment & Evaluation Testing Lab, Room 172, Student Access & Success Center (One Stop Shop) (B38)
  • Other campus premises where standardized exams (ACT, CLEP, LSAT, THEA, etc.) are administrated
  • United States Post Office, Room 123A, Postal Services Building (B3)
  • The President’s home during events where the President deems it appropriate. (2900 Highway 24 South, Commerce, Texas)