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Club Sports

The Club Sports program is designed for any student who has a great love of sports and recreation.  Club Sport teams are student-based and student-led organizations that operate under the supervision of Campus Recreation and have been approved by the Office of Student Organizations.  Clubs are not varsity teams and athletic scholarships are not offered.  Some club sports have separate men’s and women’s teams, while others are co-ed.  Participating in a club sport at TAMUC provides students the opportunity to experience leadership roles, show commitment, and enjoy a sport they love. 

While the Club Sport staff assists clubs in their operations, the emphasis is on student leadership and development.  Students are responsible for all aspects of operating and managing a successful organization.

There are two classifications of Club Sport teams: Recreational and Competitive:  


Recreational clubs hold practices and meetings but compete on a lower scale than regional or national levels.  Recreational clubs are great for uniting students who share a common interest in a certain sport.  Recreational clubs are NOT required to charge dues, but may if needed, and will still have all privileges of a recognized student organization such as the ability to reserve facility space and host practice.  


Competitive clubs practice and compete on a regular basis against opposing university teams.  Club members of a competitive club team are skilled players who seek to compete at a high level of competition.  Tournaments allow members of a club to travel, meet students from other schools, and be involved in competitions.  Competitive clubs are required to charge dues, in order to participate on a competitive level. 


How do Club Sports differ from Intramural Sport Programs?

Intramural Sports provide an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the University community to participate in team and individual sports against other TAMUC teams or opponents.  The purpose of Intramural Sports is to provide exercise, recreation, and fun to all levels of participants.  The biggest differences are that Club Sports travel to other colleges and universities to compete and schedule their own practices, games, and tournaments.

How do Club Sports differ from Varsity Sport Programs?

Club Sports are not scholarship-based.  Club officers are responsible for their own administration and for many of their own expenses.  Unlike varsity sports, students manage their respective clubs in all aspects: recruitment, fundraising, scheduling, purchasing, etc.