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Concerns and Incident Reporting Forms & Campus Security Authority Mandates

Texas A&M University-Commerce is committed to responding appropriately to concerns and complaints, to provide a student with guidance and support. Please use this site to inform the appropriate office of the issue/concern. If you believe the student or the community is in immediate danger, please dial 911 or contact the University Police Department (UPD) at 903-886-5868, before submitting a report.

Student Conduct Issues

The Student Conduct Issues Incident Report Form is for students, faculty, staff, anonymous reporting, or community members who wish to report an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Examples of such instances include, but are not limited to: student consuming the illegal substance, altercations, disorderly conduct, weapons, hazing, etc. Please see the Code of Conduct  for all standards of student behavior.

Incident Report Form for Student Conduct Issues

Student of Concern/Distress

 The CARE Report Form is for student, faculty, staff, or community members of the Texas A&M University-Commerce to report concerns and issues that may affect a student’s well-being. This form is also used to refer a student to the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT). Examples of such instances include, but are not limited to: behavior which appears to be dangerous or threatening to oneself or others, talk of suicide, food insecurities, depression, homelessness, and/or sudden/drastic changes in behavior.

CARE Report Form

Student Complaints/Concerns

 The Student Complaints/Concerns Form is here to help students resolve grievances, problems, or conflicts with regards to University policies, procedures, and decisions. 

Student Concerns/Complaints Form

All employees who are designated the title of Campus Security Authority (CSA) are required to:

  • Immediately forward crime reports to the UPD. UPD is the office charged with the responsibility of compiling the institution’s crime statistics. Prompt reporting of crimes is important. Please click on embedded hyperlink to the Campus Security Authority/Clery Act Crime Reporting Form for reporting these crimes to UPD within the timeframe identified above.
  • The report may be the basis for determining if there is a serious or continuing threat to the safety of the campus community that requires a timely warning or an immediate threat requiring an emergency notification.
  • After the CSA makes a report, the crime must be entered into the crime log within business days of when it was reported to the university police or security department.
  • CSAs should encourage individuals to report crimes to their university’s police department.
  • A list of A&M System university police departments is available at:

  • In an emergency, the reporting person should call 911 or the CSA may call on their behalf.
  • If the person needs assistance, the CSA should provide information for seeking help and let the person know that help is available even if the person does not want an investigation conducted.
  • If the reporting person does not want to contact the police, the CSA should report the crime to the university police.
  • To make sure the university police are aware of the crime reported to the CSA, the CSA should also submit a report to alert the university police of the crime even if the reporting party indicates that they will contact the police.