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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace a damaged card?

Over time, the cards can become worn, damaged, or unreadable.  Cards damaged due to normal or reasonable wear and tear will be replaced at no cost to the cardholder.  Lion Card Office reserves the right to assess the $10 fee for the replacement of a card damaged due to neglect, misuse, or improper care, at the office’s determination and discretion.

How do I correct an error on my account?

Cardholders should contact the Lion Card Office immediately upon discovering any discrepancy related to their Lion Card account.  When you call or email our office, please be sure to convey the following information to us: cardholder’s name and campus wide identification number, a description or the nature of the discrepancy, and the dollar amount of the discrepancy.  Our office will respond to your communications within 10 business days as to the result and a suggested resolution.

How much does a Lion Card cost?

The initial cost of the Lion Card is included with tuition and fee assessment each semester.  Lion Cards do not expire and replacement cards are available for an additional fee if a card is lost, stolen or deemed unusable.  Card replacement fee is $10.

When can I order my announcements or invitations?

Graduates can begin ordering as early as:

October for Fall Commencement

March for Spring Commencement

June for Summer Commencement

It is always customary to mail announcements and invitations two to three weeks prior to the ceremony.