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Email Retention


Email is designed as a transmission medium and not as a storage medium. Other mechanisms for long-term archival storage of files are offered, and email will be removed from mail servers based on an established email retention policy. By reducing the amount of email stored on the server, the university reduces its legal liability in producing messages during discovery.


This procedure applies to all email systems operated and/or managed by A&M-Commerce.


  1. Email messages will be retained on the mailbox server for a maximum of 180 days.
    1. Email messages in all folders including the inbox, sent items, and user-created folders will be automatically removed.
  2. Calendar events will be retained on the calendar server for a maximum of 180 days.
    1. Calendar events on all calendars will be automatically removed.
  3. Other types of items may be retained indefinitely.
  4. Any email that constitutes a state record must be retained according to the university's retention policy.
    1. This requires any email message to be filed in an appropriate system that will allow for retention.
    2. The email system is unable to determine if a message constitutes a state record. Individuals are responsible for making this designation by filing the message appropriately.


Last updated March 31, 2014