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29.01.02.R0.01 Use of Licensed Commercial Software

Procedure Statement

Texas A&M University-Commerce abides by system policy and system regulation with regard to information resources including software, computers, and networks.

Reason for Procedure

This procedure defines university use of computer software.

Procedures and Responsibilities

  1. Texas A&M Univeristy-Commerce shall provide a sufficient number of licensed copies of software such that employees can fulfill their responsibilities in an expedient and effective manner. Each department may make appropriate arrangements with the software vendor(s) for additional licensed copies, if needed, for business activities subject to the president's delegation of authority for contract administration.
  2. Software not licensed to the university shall not be installed on university-owned systems, networks, or computers unless approved by the department manager or Information Technology (IT). IT or departmental administrator(s) will remove such unlicensed software unless the user can provide a license or authorization.
  3. Licensed software may only be copied and used to the extent permitted under the license.

Related Statutes, Policies, and Requirements

System Policy 29.01 Information Resources

System Regulation 29.01.02 Use of Licensed Commercial Software

Supersedes university rule 21.99.10.R1 Use of Licensed Commercial Software

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