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Study Abroad


TAMU-C faculty-led study abroad programs are offered to matriculating students and usually offered as either stand-alone opportunities (a separate course) or as a course capstone.  The advantages of faculty-led programs are:
  • Typically lower cost trips
  • Of shorter duration, 7-14 days
  • Travel as a group
  • Directly associated with student's classroom work

Destinations for faculty-led programs are at the sole discretion of the faculty director--s/he determines course content, duration and destination.  The Global Programs Office, in addition to its campus-wide oversight of study abroad programs and functions, assists in faculty advisement, budget development, satisfying logistical and administrative requirements, and scholarship application processing.  

Where were our faculty and students in the past 5 years?

Countries visited in the last five years

Where will our faculty and students be in 2020?

Countries to visit in 2020

These programs represent a broad array of academic disciplines: social work, medical sociology, counseling, music graphic arts, business, political science, just to name a few. 

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