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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Enhancing your education through a study abroad program is more than adventure--it is quickly  becoming the measuring stick by which prospective employers gauge the ability of job applicants to function in a multicultural professional world.  Thus, a successful study abroad opportunity has, in addition to its many other benefits, become an indispensable "soft skill" that strengthens resumes and increases job marketability. 

But the real question is, "Why?" There are several important reasons. 

First, participation in study abroad programs underscores a person's intellectual curiosity--while this is a skill most prospective employers value, they are unwilling to invest time, energy, and money into developing it in prospective employees--you either have it or you do not.  Such intellectual curiosity links directly to important job skills: problem solving; open-mindedness; and an ability to successfully grapple with the unfamiliar. 

Second, it underscores your own comfort level in working and building relationships with others who may be different--any company with a global focus will regard this as an indispensable tool. 

Third, participation in study abroad programs also telegraphs your own multiculturalism and cultural sensitivity--the ability to see value and importance in the norms, mores, and beliefs of people of other cultures is an important tool for the  21st century workplace.  While you may not be required to display such skills on a daily basis in a future job, consider what could potentially happen if a culturally insensitive employee ever ran afoul of a company's international guests--it could be disastrous, both in terms of reputation and the bottom line. 

And finally, study abroad opportunities help to expand your own intellectual horizons and teach you to become more accepting of cultural differences between and among us.  You learn very quickly that, from a cultural perspective, there is no "right" or "wrong" way of doing things, there are simply different ways of doing the same things.

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