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Honors Programs

Welcome to the Honors Programs at Texas A&M University-Commerce! This department houses several different academic pathways to Honors distinction, including the Honors College, the Regents Scholars Program, and the Honors Scholar Program.

The Honors College is an honors learning community of 200 students, awarding sizable academic scholarships to incoming freshmen each year. These students take roughly half their core courses in Honors sections, attend a series of colloquia, and complete a thesis project. An Honors learning community, in keeping with the “personal educational experience,” is fostered by housing Honors College students in the modern and attractive Prairie Crossing apartments.

The Regent Scholars Program (RSP) provides outstanding freshmen a four-year scholarship equivalent to 50% of the published tuition, fees, and room and board rates for the academic year. The program allows students to pursue a bachelor's degree in their chosen field while developing their awareness of international issues and cultural contrasts. The most unique, life-changing aspect of this program is the opportunity for a study-abroad experience the summer after completing the junior year.  

As of Fall 2020, the Regents Scholars Program will be absorbed into the Honors College. The combined programs will offer up to 100 full and partial scholarships to incoming freshmen each Fall semester.

For students who are not in the Honors College, the Honors Scholar Program provides opportunities to take courses in the Honors sections, and engage in high level creative and critical thinking. It provides students with many of the same academic benefits and requirements as the Honors College and allows them to graduate with honors. Honors Scholars have the opportunity to enter at virtually any point in their university studies.

We thank you for your interest in our programs and look forward to serving you and shaping your experience at Texas A&M University-Commerce!

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