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Brittany Cox

Honors Colloquium

Colloquia Schedule: Honors Colloquium is offered each Fall and Spring semester


You attend a minimum of eight presentations and write two short response papers. Colloquia are given by faculty and other guest speakers who lecture on a variety of topics.

Reaction Papers

To gain credit for HC 200-400, you are expected to write two short reaction papers to any two colloquia presentations of your choice. A reaction paper is your intellectual reflection on what took place. That reflection in writing should go beyond being merely a series of notes you take and write up. Ideally, the paper should show your mind at work. What was said that you agreed with? Or disagreed with? Can you connect an aspect of what you learned from the Colloquium session to another event you have read about or heard about or observed or even experienced in your own life? What interested you the most? Least? What would you have done or said differently? How did the presentation open ways for you to contemplate pursuing research and eventually writing an Honors thesis?

Obviously, you do not have to answer all of the above questions. Nor do you have to respond to any one of them. What your paper should show is your mind at work—much like a book critic or movie critic does when she or he writes a review. Length? I’d say two typed, double-spaced pages (around 500 words). I prefer that you place your name and HC 200-400 on a separate cover sheet, and please staple the pages together so they do not separate.