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Educational Technology Library Science

MEd-Educational Technology/Library Science   (MED-ETLS)
MS-Educational Technology/Library Science   (MS-ETLS)

The Master of Science and Master of Education degrees are offered in Educational Technology. The degrees are in Educational Technology-Leadership, and in Educational Technology-Library Science. Coursework is also available in two certification areas to prepare educators for teaching Technology Applications and for becoming School Librarians. Certification for school librarians (in public and private elementary and secondary schools) is available in two formats-students who already have a Master's take only the certification courses, but students without a master's may take the certification courses as part of the Educational Technology-Library Science Master's degree. Technology Applications certification courses may be applied to a Master's program, if so desired.
The courses for this program are available only online (no face-to-face courses).  This program is not available to international students. 

A minimum undergraduate overall GPA of 2.75, last 60 hours of bachelor's degree GPA of 3.00 or a conferred US master's degree with an overall GPA of 3.00 is required for admission consideration.

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Required Documents for Admission

Admission Consideration Requirements for All Students

  • Apply Texas Application
  • Application fee:  $50 domestic student 
  • All official transcripts - Bachelor's degree, including all transcripts used towards bachelor's degree.  Any master's degree transcript or transcripts with graduate coursework (if applicable).
  • Proof of a valid, current Texas Teacher or Principal Certificate
  • Essay
  • Resume(Vita)
  • Please respond to the following essay topic using the guidelines given below. 
    In 500 words or less respond to the following prompt: Defining “Learner-centered”. What does the term “learner-centered” mean? In addition to telling us what you think this means, find two or more authoritative sources on this term/topic.
    • Cite the sources in APA format. Discuss the definition you found in each source, along with why you feel the source is authoritative.
    • Use Microsoft Word or equivalent (double spaced, Times Roman 12 point font, 1 inch margins).
    • Put your name and CWID at upper right hand corner of the word document with date.

Application Packet Submission Deadline:

Domestic student applications are accepted throughout the year.