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Computer Science

MS-Computer Science  (MS-CSCI)

Tracks available:

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Networks
Cyber Security
Data Science
Image processing
Software Engineering

The MS in Computer Science program consists of core courses, which are required of all students, course electives, and specialized courses within one of the tracks above. Electives and track areas of study are chosen by the student. The core courses, specialized track courses, and electives enable students to devise a degree plan that meets their individual professional interests as well as the needs of industry. In addition, each student may choose a thesis or a non-thesis option. Upon approval of the departmental graduate adviser and the Graduate School, the department will allow the transfer of up to 6 graduate hours in Computer Science.

Online Masters Program in  Computer Science  

Would you like to pursue a degree program with which you feel confident that you find cutting edge jobs and earn high salaries? How does it sound to study computer science that will be expected to create increasingly more jobs? Further, how does it sound to add a Master’s degree in Computer Science to your CV that will increase your chances of earning high salaries? Even further yet, how do you like to do your studies online at the convenience of your home, timing, and pace? If your answers to these questions are all yes, then we have a program that will work for you.

Our online Computer Science MS program has the same course structure and options that our face to face program offers. Namely, we have the following focus areas for you:

  • Database
  • Computer Networks
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Image Processing
  • Software Engineering   

Complete a Master’s degree at your own pace, at your own place! You will be able to take classes in a flexible format that gives you the ability to pursue your educational goals in the manner most consistent with your career goals. Our online courses are taught by the same faculty members who teach face to face classes and very active in research in the listed topic areas. While enrolled in online programs you may be able to take some face to face courses as needed for flexibility. Further, thesis and comprehensive exams are also organized online for your convenience. 

Departmental Website

Required Documents for Admission

Admission Consideration Requirements for All Students

  • Apply Texas Application
  • Application fee:  $50 domestic student 
  • All official transcripts - Bachelor's degree, including all transcripts used towards bachelor's degree.  Any master's degree transcript or transcripts with graduate coursework (if applicable).
  • Resume(Vita)
  • Statement of Experience and Goals:  1-2 pages, up to 1000 words.  
    Statement of work experience with demonstrated basic knowledge listed in the items below:
    Expected Computing Background:

    • At least 1 year of university-level science,
    • Successful completion of Calculus I,
    • A demonstrated knowledge of a higher-level programming language (preferably C++, JAVA or Python), including programming control structure,
    • The ability to solve programming problems and develop algorithms, and
    • And an understanding of computer fundamentals: binary and hexadecimal numbering systems, assembly language programming, the concepts of jumps, flags, subroutines, procedures, stacks, and a basic understanding of computer organization.

Additional Admission Consideration Requirements for International Students Only

  • Application fee, $75.00, US dollars (this may be paid online when you apply)
  • Bank Statement from the sponsor, must reflect a balance of at least $26,024.82 USD (must be less than 1 year old)
  • Official sponsor statement
  • Official transcripts (with a copy of the provisional certificate or diploma)
    For more information on official transcripts, please click here and read FAQ question:  What transcripts do I submit for my admission?

  • English Proficiency:

    • Official TOEFL report (IBT at least 79, or CBT at least 213, or PBT at least 550), scores must be less than 2 years old, or
    • Official IELTS report (at least overall 6.00 band), scores must be less than 2 years old, or
    • Official PTE report (at least overall 53 or higher), scores must be less than 2 years old,
    • Official Duolingo report (at least overall 105 or higher), scores must be less than 2 years old, or
    • Completion (all years) of a bachelor's degree or higher degree from a U.S. regionally accredited university.

Application Packet Submission Deadline:

Domestic student applications are accepted throughout the year.

International student applications (including all required documents and for programs that are not fully online) have the following deadlines:

Fall admission consideration:          June 1

Spring admission consideration:     October 15

Summer admission consideration:  March 15