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Computational Linguistics Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate is intended to document foundational skills and expertise in computational linguistics and natural language processing (NLP), mainly for students in computer science and students in linguistics. The coursework for the certificate aims to overcome the common lack of foundational knowledge in both pillars of this multidisciplinary field, computer science and linguistics, introducing the basic issues in these fields as they are relevant to computational linguistics. A group of 4 required courses needs to be passed, in addition to an appropriate elective from a selection of possible courses (15 credit hours total). The four courses comprise one introductory class to teach basic principles in each discipline (CSCI 549, ENG 555) and one advanced class each dedicated to applications (CSCI 509, ENG 685). Achievement of the certificate documents solid training and education in Computational Linguistics across the disciplines as an asset for students joining the workforce. Please contact Dr. Christian F. Hempelmann at, or Dr. Sang Suh at for more information.

Certificate Requirements:

Coursework must be completed at A&M-Commerce with a 3.0 GPA on all courses used for the certificate.  Fifteen semester hours from the following (no substitutions):

12 semester hours (4 courses) from the following:
CSCI 509 Introduction to Computational Science
CSCI 549 Automata Theory
ENG 555 General Linguistics
ENG 685 Computational Linguistics
Electives: 3 semester hours (1 course) from the following:
CSCI 532 Algorithm Design
CSCI 538 Artificial Intelligence
ENG 686 Quantitative Methods for Linguists
ENG 697 Special Topic

Required Documents for Admission:

  • Application
  • Application fee: $50 domestic student
  • All official transcripts - Bachelor's degree, including all transcripts used towards the bachelor's degree.  Any master's degree transcript or transcripts with graduate coursework (if applicable).