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Graduate School


The mission of the Graduate School is to provide leadership and direction for all aspects of graduate education and to promote graduate student research at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Purpose and Nature of the Graduate School

Graduate work offered by the University is distinguished from undergraduate work in that the graduate student is expected to show increased maturity in scholarship, seriousness of purpose, and ability to think independently. In accordance with this distinction, graduate courses are designed to develop the student’s ability to gather relevant facts, analyze them, and make reasonable generalizations and sound conclusions through independent research.

Graduate programs provide for the needs of students seeking professional employment, research opportunities, advanced degrees, (including the master's/specialist, doctoral degrees, educator certification, graduate certificates), or personal satisfaction by increasing their depth of knowledge in their fields of specialization. Our students are prepared to be school and college teachers and administrators and advanced professionals in business, technology management, social work, the arts and various science disciplines. Some of our programs also prepare students for professional and administrative certificates.

The doctoral programs are distinct in purpose and more selective in admitting candidates than the master’s/specialist programs. The purpose of the doctoral program is to produce graduates who have developed breadth of vision, a capacity for interpretation, and the ability to carry out critical investigation.

From association with fellow scholars, the doctoral student is expected to gain new concepts, a zeal for adding to the sum of human knowledge, and the ability to conduct original research and to think clearly and independently. The student must also develop the professional competencies necessary for giving application of knowledge in the essential areas of human and public interest. Guidance toward extended reading and research is an integral part of graduate study.