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Announcement for Newly accepted Fall 2015 graduate students

Welcome to the Department! You first need to take the prerequisite courses when you start your program. If your program is MS Computer Science (MS CSCI), then your prerequisite courses are CSCI 515 and CSCI 516. If your program is MS Computational Science (MS CPSI), then your prerequisite courses are CSCI 515 and CSCI 502. Note that prerequisite/deficiency course exams will be given by the Department before the semester starts. You do not have to take these exams, but if you would like to and if you pass the exams, your prerequisite courses may be waived by the department. You can only take the deficiency exams of your own program that you are accepted into. The deficiency exams for the Fall 2015 semester can be taken at the TAMUC Testing Office between now until the first week of classes during the regular business hours that the university is open, but you need to make an appointment. You have to email Ms. Wendy Gruver, in order to inquire about the details and in order to make an appointment. If you would like to take the tests, we urge you to make your appointment as soon as you can, since the testing center will be busy during these weeks before the semester starts. Also note that you need to bring with you a valid ID and some form of payment since a small testing fee might be applicable. The international students will first need to check in with the TAMUC International Office, before they can take any tests or register any courses; please refer to the email you receive from the graduate school for those details.
1.Please find the sample prerequisite questions here.
2.You should regularly check these Announcement pages for important news and announcements.