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Reminder for CPSI Students

MS CPSI Students who are planning to take CSCI 507 CPSI Internship course in Summer 2015, the deadline to submit/e-mail the filled & signed request form (and the required attachments) to Dr. Unal Sakoglu is Friday, May 8, 2015 5PM CST.
Early submission of the form is highly encouraged since the form needs to be reviewed & approved. The form can be downloaded from this [link<> (]
The bottom part of the form needs to be signed and filled by your internship supervisor, not the HR person. Your offer letter (which you will attach to the form) has to include the following: your start and finish dates of your internship, number of weekly hours you will be working, and your detailed job duties and descriptions as they relate to computational science, data analysis, scientific computation, and data science, etc.

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