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MS CPSI Students who are planning to take CSCI 507 CPSI Internship course in Summer 2016

The deadline to submit/e-mail the filled & signed request form (and the required attachments) to Dr. U. John Tanik is 04/29/2016 5PM CST
The first day of your internship should be no later than the first day of classes (06/06/2016) and the last internship date needs to be no earlier than the last day of classes (08/11/2016in Summer 2016 in order to get appropriate/full course credit (international students, also check the CPT date requirements/restrictions with ISSO). 40 hrs/week internships which cover these dates are eligible for 6 SCH of CSCI507. Half-time internships are only eligible for 3 SCH. Late submissions will not be processed and your CSCI 507 internship will be postponed to Fall 2016.
Early submission of the form is highly encouraged since the form needs to be reviewed & approved and international students need to book appointment with the ISSO upon approval. The CSCI 507 CPSI Internship Request Form form can be downloaded from this link []
Submit via email the latest version of the form, do not submit the earlier versions of the form as this may delay processing of your internship. The bottom part of the form needs to be signed and filled by your internship supervisor, not the HR person. Also submit your offer letter(which you will attach to the form) which has to clearly include the followingyour start and finish dates of your internship, number of weekly hours you will be working, and your detailed job duties and descriptions as they relate to computational science, data analysis, data science, data analytics, and scientific computation, etc.