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Prerequisite Exams Sign-up Details for newly accepted Spring 2016 graduate students

You must first pay for the exam at Choose Testing Center as the store and pay for either one or two CSCI exams based on the number of exams you plan to take. Each exam is $20.

Once you pay for the exam, you will receive an order number via e-mail. Please keep that order number and have it available during all correspondence with the Testing Office.

Exams must be taken no later than 2 days after your International Student check-in appointment. If you do not test within this window of time, you will not be able to test. No exceptions! EXAMPLE: If your check-in appointment with the International Students Office is on Wednesday, January 6th, you have until Friday, January 8th to take the exam(s).

Both exams must be taken in the same appointment time and can only be taken ONCE. NO retesting is allowed. CSCI 515 is a two hour exam and CSCI 502 and 516 are each one hour. Total testing time for two exams is 3 hours.

When you call or e-mail to schedule the exam, you will need your order number and your student ID number. It is often easiest to schedule exams via e-mail to You will be assigned a testing appointment according to seating availability in the Testing Center and your schedule TO THE EXTENT ALLOWED by the Testing Center schedule. This appointment cannot be moved or changed. Seating is very limited and is NOT flexible. Please make arrangements to test on the date and time of your appointment. If you miss your scheduled appointment, you will forfeit your testing fee.