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Applied Arts and Science

Applied Science is a discipline that applies existing technical knowledge to develop practical applications in fields such as technology, management, production, or invention.  Focusing on real world practices, applied science eschews theory for application with a particular emphasis on workforce development in a broad interdisciplinary background preparing students for both advanced graduate studies as well as direct participation as leaders in the technical workforce.

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For more information on how to obtain your BAAS degree or BGS degree from Texas A&M University-Commerce, access the Request Information page.

  • Misty Lair

    Mrs. Lair has served as the director of the Applied Sciences at TAMU-Commerce since 2009, and served as the outreach coordinator for the program prior to that time. She earned her MS in Management from TAMU-Commerce in 2008.

  • Tina Lancaster

    Mrs. Lancaster earned her MS from TAMU-Commerce in 2004 and has been awarded several Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards from the Texas A&M University System. She has been teaching at TAMUC for 7 years.

  • Theresa Sadler

    Mrs. Sadler earner her MS in Management from TAMU-Commerce in 2004, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology from TAMU-Commerce, with an expected graduation date in 2015. She has been an Instructor of Applied Sciences since 2006.

  • Annette Taggart

    Mrs. Taggart earned her MBA from East Texas State University and has completed additional Post-Graduate Coursework at the University of North Texas. She has professional experience in accounting and maintains her Texas CPA.