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Maria Fernandez Lamarque

Associate Professor

Office: HL 313
Phone: 903-886-5270
María Fernández Lamarque was born in Lima, Perú. She obtained her Masters Degree in Spanish Linguistics at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge and her Ph. D. at Tulane University in New Orleans in 2005.

Her field of study is contemporary Latin American (1930-XXI) and Peninsular literature (1936-1975). Her research interests are in children's literature, Latin American and Post civil war Spanish novels and films. She applies a transatlantic approach to study dystopias, utopias and heterotopias (gender and social) in these narratives and films.Her work on Critical Theory has been published in over a dozen articles and book-chapters in Hispania, Letras Peninsulares, Romance Notes, Neophilologus, Espéculo, MLA Ed., McFarland, Greenwood as well as with other major presses and prestigious academic journals. Her work has been presented in over twenty-five national and international academic conferences. Dr. Fernández Lamarque's most recent book projects are on the Spanish author Antonio Robles' censored children's literature and on the Argentinean author, Jorge Luis Borges and his representation of women.

Curriculum Vitae: Fernandez.pdf