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English 400 Level Courses

The numbers in parenthesis after courses indicate the term in which the course is normally offered: (Fall = 1, Spring = 2, Summer I = 3, Summer II = 4). These are subject to change.

403. The Discipline of English. Three semester hours. (1)

An examination of the basic issues in the discipline of English and current practices pertaining to composition, linguistics, and fundamental approaches to literary interpretation. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

406. Adolescent Literature. Three semester hours. (1, 2)

Introduces parents and prospective teachers of middle, junior high, and senior high schools to the major authors and genres of adolescent, or "young adult," literature. Classroom applications are discussed, but the emphasis is on the interpretation and evaluation of the literature itself. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

420. Approaches to Literature. Three semester hours. (2)

An introduction to various methods of responding to and analyzing literature. These methods will include such traditional approaches as historical, biographical, and psychological, as well as feminist criticism, mythic criticism, and various forms of structuralism. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

424. Development of the English Language. Three semester hours. (2 in even years)

Insight into the vocabulary and sound systems of modern English through careful consideration of the sociocultural, geographic and linguistic roots of the language. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

425. Development of the Novel. Three semester hours. (2)

A study of British novels important in the history of the genre from the eighteenth century to the twentieth century, chosen from such authors as Fielding, Austen, Dickens, Hardy, Woolf, and others. Prerequisite: English 102.

432. History and Aesthetics of Film. Three semester hours (2 lecture, 2 lab).

A historical and aesthetic survey of film from the late nineteenth century to the present. The interdependence of technology and art is examined through the study of significant motion pictures that continue to influence contemporary filmmakers and reflect changing social and cultural values. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

434. Literature and Film. Three semester hours (2 lecture, 2 lab).

The interrelationships between film and literature and the unique qualities of each medium are analyzed. The course also examines film adaptations of literary works, films and literature that focus on similar themes, and the differences in reading and perceiving different types of texts. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

441. A Survey of American Literature I. Three semester hours. (1)

The development of American literature from Colonial times to the Civil War. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

442. A Survey of American Literature II. Three semester hours. (2)

The development of American literature from the Civil War to the present. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

444. African-American Literature. Three semester hours.

The contribution of the African American to literature is considered from a historical standpoint. Major emphasis is on the twentieth century, with interpretation and analysis of four genres: poetry, drama, short story, and novel. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

451. Twentieth-Century British Literature. Three semester hours.

A study of British poetry, fiction, and drama in the twentieth century, including works of such authors as Yeats, Joyce, Shaw, Eliot, and selected contemporary writers. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

457. Teaching English as a Second Language. Three semester hours.

This course focuses on the linguistic, psychological, and sociocultural foundations for teaching English to speakers of other languages. It surveys historical, as well as current trends in the methods and materials of ESL, of language testing, and of language-program evaluation. Also appropriate for students interested in teaching second or foreign languages other than English. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

462. Language Acquisition and Processing. Three semester hours.

A survey of the cognitive, affective and developmental constraints on language acquisition and use. Topics include language, brain and mind; multilingualism; first and second language acquisition; evolution and change in the representational systems of humans and other animals; and research methods. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

471. Survey of English Literature I. Three semester hours. (1)

The development of English literature from the beginnings to 1800. Prerequisite: English 102.

472. Survey of English Literature II. Three semester hours. (2)

The development of English literature from 1800 to present. Prerequisite: English 102.

474. Topics in World Literature. Three semester hours.

Selected readings in world literature, in translation, with emphasis on cultural aspects and interdisciplinary approaches to the countries represented. Focus will be on, but not limited to, European countries. Prerequisite: Eng 102.

486. The Hero in Ancient and Modern Society. Three semester hours. (Capstone)

This course will explore the importance of the hero to ancient and modern societies and to the individual human psyche. Course materials will come from traditional literature, myths and epics, films and videos, nonfiction essays and speeches, and current magazines and newspapers. Connections are possible to sociology, psychology, history, political science, art, music, and the sciences. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

487. America Between the Wars. Three semester hours. (Capstone)

This capstone course gives students a chance to study American history, literature, and culture from the Armistice in 1919 to the invasion of Poland in 1939 and to explore in depth a particular aspect of America during this time period. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

488. Contemporary Ideas. Three semester hours. (Capstone - may be crosslisted with Hist, Phil, or PSci 488).

The course studies contemporary writing, mostly nonfiction, that is characterized by originality of topic, breadth of subject matter, clarity of expression, and audacity. In reading logs, students make observations, take notes, and explore questions. In finished writings, they work out connections among ideas from various fields, moving from analysis to synthesis and fresh insights. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

489. Independent Study. One to four semester hours.

Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisite: consent of department head

490H. Honors Thesis.

(Missing course description)

491H. Individual Honors Readings.

(Missing course description)

495. Internship. Three semester hours.

Approved work experience in a professional organization. Supervision under the guidance of a practicing professional and departmental faculty member. May be repeated once when the internship organization changes. Prerequisites: Junior standing and approval of the department head.

497. Special Topics. Three semester hours.

Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary.