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Post Script

POST SCRIPT welcomes manuscripts on film as language and literature; acting; film music; film as visual art (painting and cinematic style, set design, costuming); film and photography; film history; aesthetics; the response of film and the humanities to technology; interdisciplinary studies in theme and genre; film and American Studies; reappraisals of seminal essays; book reviews and interviews; and responses to articles appearing in POST SCRIPT.

Submission Information

Please submit all manuscripts in triplicate, with author identification on a separate cover sheet. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of manuscripts. All correspondence should be addressed to:

Gerald Duchovnay,
General Editor, POST SCRIPT
Literature & Languages Department
Texas A&M University-Commerce
Commerce, Texas 75429

Or E-mail the manuscript.

POST SCRIPT is a refereed publication. The interval between acceptance of an article and its publication is 4-24 months. The editors reserve the right to amend the phrasing and punctuation in articles and reviews accepted for publication.


POST SCRIPT is published three times a year. The annual subscription rate is $15 for individuals in the United States and $25 for institutions. Please add $5 for subscriptions outside the United States. Foreign subscriptions must be paid in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank. Back Orders: Most back issues for individuals are $8.50 in the U.S. and $12.00 for institutions. Rates are $13.50 for non-U.S. mailing to individuals and $17.00 for institutions, except for the following:

These issues are $10 for individuals, $15 for institutions. Add $5 for each copy for non-U.S. mailing:

  • Vol. 9, Nos.1&2 Double general issue
  • Vol. 11, No.2 John Cassavetes
  • Vol. 14, Nos.1&2 Psychoanalysis and Film
  • Vol. 17, No.1 Shakespeare and Film: Adaptations
  • Vol. 17, No.2 Shakespeare and Film: Derivatives and Variations
  • Vol. 19, No.1 Hong Kong Cinema
  • Vol. 20, No.1 Akira Kurosawa
  • Vol. 21, No.2 Spanish Cinema
  • Vol. 23, No.3 Adaptation
  • Vol. 25, No.2 Transnational Cinema
  • Vol. 25, No. 3 Indian Cinema

These are $12.50 for individuals, $17.50 for institutions. Add $5 per copy for non-U.S. mailing:

  • Vol. 18, No.1 Contemporary Japanese Cinema
  • Vol. 21, No.3 Realist Horror Cinema, Part I
  • Vol. 22, No.2 Realist Horror Cinema, Part II

These issues are $15 for individuals and $25 for institutions. Please add $5 for non-U.S. mailing:

  • Vol. 20, Nos.2&3 Chinese Cinema
  • Vol. 24, Nos. 2&3 Australian and New Zealand Cinema
  • Vol. 26, No. 2, Susan Sontag


POST SCRIPT is indexed by the Federation Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF) and its published listing, The International Index to Film Periodicals; Film/Literature Index; MLA International Bibliography; An Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities, and the International Index to the Performing Arts (Chadwyck-Healey).

Signed articles represent the views of their authors. POST SCRIPT, Inc., its editors and editorial board, and institutional co-sponsors do not take responsibility for statements, either fact or opinion, made by contributors.