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E-Poster Presentations

What Makes Russian Words Funny

Arseny D. Anisimov
Power Point Presentation

Silliness from Script to Screen

Dr. Matthew McKeague
Presentation PDF

Discourse Analysis of COVID-19 Humorous Tweets

Bageshwar Zafar
Power Point Presentation

Humour Beyond Borders

Monali Chatterjee
Presentation PDF

Humour in Generation Z's Digital Body Language

Dagmara Galajda

Playing with Power and Vulnerabiltiy
in Autobiographical Works of Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor

Dr. Tuula Kolehmainen
Power Point Presentation

Satire, Humor and Establishment of Identities:
An Assiduous Study of Mac Flecknoe

Power Point Presentation

The Effect of Jokes on Foreign Language Speaking Ability

Mohamed Naoua
Power Point Presentation

The Humor Didactical Approach to Enhance the Reading Comprehension Skill

Asma Nesba
Power Point Presentation

The Laugh-Makers: How Language Shapes Stand-Up comedy (and Ethnography)

Presentation PDF

Is Humor a Socially Conditioneed Reflex: A Survet Analysis

Anupama T
Power Point Presentation

Bloack Humor in Indian Films: A critique of Slum Dog Millionair

Vani Maria Jose
Power Point Presentation

Joke Generation Using Masked Language Infilling on Automatically Extracted Templates>

Mayank Goel and Abhijit Manatkar
Presentation PDF

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