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Field Education


The Field Practicum prepares students to apply the generalist/advanced generalist practice model. This model is reinforced through the knowledge and skills content of the social work courses. Therefore, regardless of the field setting, students should be familiar with this frame of reference and its application in social work practice.

The first agency internship in the two-year program, called Foundation Field Practicum (FFP), will consist of 260 hours to be completed during the student's spring semester of the Foundation Year. The second internship (Advanced Generalist Field (AGF), required of both two-year and advanced standing students, will consist of 640 hours over three semesters. Both internships will provide opportunities for students to apply theory, knowledge, skills, and values across multiple levels of systems (individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities). Concurrent coursework will provide students with the educational foundation to apply the problem-solving model across client systems. Assignments throughout the curriculum, required for classes and for the practicum, will allow students to demonstrate competency in working with various systems.

Looking for Forms?

For your convenience, all MSW Field Education forms have been moved to the PDF Form Directory. You can find them under the section entitled "MSW Field Education Forms," where they are organized by Student, Agency, Faculty and Field Instructor forms.


Students in the MSW program will utilize TK20 throughout the program for their field practicum. Students will purchase TK20 when the enroll in their first semester of field education. Students who purchase TK20 during the BSW program will use the same account for the MSW program and are not required to purchase a new account.  TK20 Support click on the following link: