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Student Affairs Program

Counseling Student Affairs Program

Leading to a Master of Education degree, the Student Affairs program in the Department of Psychology, Counseling, & Special Education at Texas A&M University emphasizes professional training integrating academic preparation with practical experience.  The Program has developmental and educational orientations and includes academic preparation in student development, organization and administration of student affairs, interpersonal communication skills, student issues, understanding diversity, and research.  A semester-long internship affords students an opportunity for the practical application of skills and academic knowledge.  Graduates are prepared to work as student services specialists in diverse student affairs settings such as residence life, student activities, academic advising, career services, multicultural services, orientation, admissions, and TRIO programs in colleges, universities, and community colleges.

COUN 501* Introduction to the Counseling Profession

COUN 510* Counseling Theories & Techniques             

COUN 606* Student Affairs Services in Higher Education                      

HIED 540*  The American Community College     

*(Course is required for Admission to Candidacy,
   Must have a grade of A or B)

COUN 512   Career Development

COUN 522   Counseling Diverse Populations                                   

COUN 560   Crisis Intervention: Theory & Practice                                   

COUN 580   Chemical Dependency in Perspective                                  

COUN 590   Legal Issues in College Student Affairs                              

COUN 595   Research Literature & Techniques (Cannot be transferred

                     from another university)

COUN 607   The Contemporary College Student               

COUN 552   Internship (Must have completed Admission to Candidacy

                     requirements before enrollment).

TOTAL: 36 Hours, (3 hours each course).