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Rural Economic Development

Texas A&M University Commerce College of Business received a grant from the USDA Rural Development Agency.  The goal of the grant is to promote economic development in rural areas, and to assist businesses to create or save jobs in rural areas, like Northeast Texas.

Emerging Entrepreneurship Training

The purpose of this business plan seminar is to help participants search for and assess business opportunities aligned with their interests and abilities. Participants will learn about the importance of market research and how to develop a marketing plan, operations plan and financial plan. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the interrelatedness of each aspect of the business plan and the importance that each component be consistent/coherent with the others. There is no prerequisite for this seminar.

Taught by:

Mario Hayek is an associate professor and head of the Management Department in the College of Business at Texas A&M Commerce. He obtained an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the American University and a Ph.D. in Management from the University of Mississippi. He also was trained as an entrepreneurship teacher by Babson’s Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators and has also assisted in teaching the seminar internationally. Dr. Hayek has taught entrepreneurship and has been pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors internationally for over 20 years.

Specialized Business Skills Training

The first series in the Specialized Business Skills training session will feature a seminar on revenue forecasting.  Registrants will receive a forecasting model on a flash drive, with personalized help on how to apply these powerful tools to better understand the factors that affect their revenue.   There is no need to share your company’s data, strict confidentially will be maintained.

In addition to teaching economics at TAMUC, Dr. Holmes spent 27 years working in the corporate sector.  This includes roles as Assistant Vice President of Marketing Services, as Director of Product Development and Marketing for Tandem Computers and then as Vice President of Business Development for Oracle Corporation.

Both of these trainings will occur the morning of the Lions Innovation Showcase 8:30 – 12:00.  At 12:00, lunch will be served with a group of student representatives.  After lunch, please join us in viewing our students’ entrepreneurial endeavors in the Lion’s Innovation Showcase. 

April 11 – 8:30 -12:00, Lunch, Lions’ Innovation Showcase. 

Effective Communication

This training takes advantage of the Joe Griffith Effective Communication training.  This light, fun training opens the door to career advancement through public speaking training.

Workforce Fundamentals 

This training takes attendees through all aspects of the job search, from actually looking for jobs in computer databases, to developing a resume, and practicing for an interview.  Lunch will be served, with the added bonus of having a few employers for attendees to network with and practice your new skills.

Farmers of the 21st Century - this course will provide small farmers with a perspective on the decisions that they will make, the business strategies available to them and the impact of technology and new information on their decisions.  The day features a series of speakers to help you realize your farm dreams:

  • How to obtain financing – panel of bankers
  • USDA resources available to small farmers
  • Risk management – Dr. Rafael Baktavoryan
  • Understanding your credit score 

The USDA Rural Economic Development Loan Program – this course will provide potential applicants with the information needed to apply for a loan thru Economic Development Corporations in the area.  This is being held immediately following the “Lunch and Learn” program through Texas A&M University Commerce’s Small Business Entrepreneurship Conference.  May 15th 2:00 – 4:00

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