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Alexandra Pirkle

AlexAlexandra, a graduate film student, has a knack for telling stories in creative and new ways. Thanks to the film program at Texas A&M University-Commerce, she's discovered that making movies is her perfect medium of expression.

"When I was exposed to the possibility of expressing my ideas and narratives visually, it kind of blew my mind," Alexandra said. "It's always challenging and different."

For Alexandra, film is a way to convey her ideas with few inhibitions, and she enjoys the freedom of letting her creative process flow in any direction.

"Some would argue, but there's no standard for making a movie," Alexandra said. "I can come at it from however I want, and that's an intriguing challenge."

In her quest to learn as much as possible about motion pictures, Alexandra studied how children's animated films function differently in comparison to adult animated and live action films. At the time, there wasn't a class that adequately supported her academic venture, but Dr. Gerald Duchovnay set up an independent study to allow her to pursue this interest.

 "Dr. Duchovnay accommodated my specific interests," Alexandra said. "He mentored me, and taught me how to research well and present my findings in a more professional way than I was doing before."

Alex with TreeAs Alexandra continues to pursue her interest in film at A&M-Commerce, her appreciation has grown immensely for the hands-on experience, research tools and committed faculty who have supporter her as she writes the next chapter of her own story. The university has provided her with a strong foundation for a career in movie making, and she's excited to discover what's next.